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 Staff Application [APPLICATION]

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PostSubject: Staff Application [APPLICATION]   Mon May 02, 2011 9:06 pm

hey guys, I am DeAdLyTuToRiAlZ (also known as H, Harry or Deadly) and I 16 years young Smile, and I am applying for the highest rank winter (fxdoggy, emu) can offer me,
last time i applied for a higher rank I was told to wait, which i have done, with great patience, but since then the server has been put back up and i have been trying to connect daily, unfortunately my WoM keeps fucking up, I have never griefed on this server. I am always up for a laugh as well as supporting the guests and staff of the 777 community. i come online every other day to check the website for new topics and forum posts. i offered emu/ winter my support with his internet issues, and have told him if he ever needs someone to run the server off of their ports then i am more than willing to do it.

please reply as soon as possible,
Yours Sincerely
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Staff Application [APPLICATION]
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