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 Making an Unban Appeal

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Making an Unban Appeal Empty
PostSubject: Making an Unban Appeal   Making an Unban Appeal EmptySun Feb 06, 2011 2:14 pm

You must make a new topic with the "[UnBan Appeal]" tag in the title!

Do NOT make ban appeals for other players or if you have been playing all this time and still made an unban appeal you will be immedietly denied!

Use this question list and if not used your topic will be deleted without notice!

"Reason why you were banned:
Rules you broke:
Why should we unban you:
Person who banned me (If you don't know skip this):
My evidence (if none please skip):
I was previously banned: yes/no
I have read the rules and agreed: yes/no"

You MUST read the rules again and agree. If you don't agree to our rules we will deny your unban appeal and YOU will not be unbanned, EVER!
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Making an Unban Appeal
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