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 Is It Strange That I Miss You Guys

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Is It Strange That I Miss You Guys Empty
PostSubject: Is It Strange That I Miss You Guys   Is It Strange That I Miss You Guys EmptySat Nov 26, 2011 10:27 pm

It's Been Quite A Few Months Now Since I Saw The Server Up (If It's Changed Name Then That's Probably Why Lol) But I Still Check, Everyday.

And It's Safe To Say That I Genuinely Miss Coming On To The Server And Hanging Out With My 777 Family.

If The Server Goes Back Up At Any Time, And Anyone Reads This, PLEASE Post The URL In A Reply, But For Those Of You That Have Beta I Will Update My Server Soon And I'm Sure We Could All Chill On There (Dw I Don't Use Hamachi).

But For Anyone Who Wants To Get In Contact With The 777 Family Again Add Your Skype Name To The Comments And We Can Chat Whenever We're Online

SKYPE: izusty

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Is It Strange That I Miss You Guys
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